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Publication of AMF: Journal of "Ferroelectrics"

Note: only AMF attendees (see your account information, not abstract information!) can submit their manuscripts to Ferroelectrics, but they cannot submit papers to IEEE proceedings, JJAP or Ceramics International (see Important Restrictions).
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The Proceedings of AMF will be published in the Journal "Ferroelectrics" by Taylor & Francis Group. The articles submitted to Ferroelectrics will be published free of charge. Then, AMF attendees of IFAAP are highly recommended to submit the manuscript of proceedings according to the instruction as follows. All articles will be refereed prior to publication. As far as possible, refereeing will be carried out on site at the conference, with any changes requested being returned to the authors before the close of the conference.

Submission of Manuscripts:
- The manuscripts should be prepared using MS Word and also generated as a pdf file.
- Please submit two hard copies of the complete manuscript and a soft copy of all files, including separate files for each figure, on a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick, to the AMF publications desk at the conference venue by 6 pm on Monday 28th May, 2018.
- Please fill out a Submission Form and attached this form with other manuscripts and materials.
- Each manuscript must be accompanied by a Manuscript Transmittal Form and a Taylor and Francis Copyright Form; a copy of each is attached in the PDF file of this instruction. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources and are required to sign an agreement for the transfer of copyright to the publisher. All accepted manuscripts, artwork, and photographs become the property of the publisher.
- Please address any queries to Hajime NAGATA at:

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation:
All parts of the manuscript should be typewritten, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides, and all pages should be numbered consecutively. Figures should be saved separately from the text. The main document should be Text should appear in 12-point Times New Roman or other common 12-point font. Authors should also supply a shortened version of the title suitable for the running head, not exceeding 50 character spaces. Each article should be summarized in an abstract of not more than 100 words. Avoid abbreviations, diagrams, and reference to the text.
Please see an "INSTORUCTIONS for Authors" in the website of Taylor & Francis, as below,

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