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Publication of Ceramics International

Note: only AMEC attendees (see your account information, not abstract information!) can submit their manuscripts to Ceramics International, but they cannot submit papers to IEEE proceedings, JJAP or Ferroelectrics (see Important Restrictions).

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The Special Supplement Issue of AMEC will be published in the Ceramics International by ELSEVIEA. The articles submitted to the Special Supplement Issue will be published free of charge. AMEC attendees of IFAAP are recommended to submit the manuscript of the Special Supplement Issue according to the instruction as follows. Papers without on-site presentation in IFAAP2018@Hiroshima won't be accepted. All articles will be reviewed prior to publication.

Preparation and Submission of Manuscript:
1.  Download the manuscript template file and change its name including your presentation # (program number such as 28am-A01) and your name
CERI_Presentation number_Firstname_Last_name.doc
2.  Prepare the manuscript(sample proof). It should be noted that
Page limit of a contributed paper: 4 pages
Page limit of an invited paper: 6 pages
3.  Convert the manuscript template file (MS-Words) to pdf.
4.  Fill-up Paper Submission Form.
5.  Sumbit the two documents as attached files of an e-mail:
Title: "AMEC_CERI Submission by Presentation number Firstname Lastname"

Deadline of the paper submission is May 31, 2018(very strict).
Papers submitted after the deadline won't be accepted.

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