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Dinner Cruise / Shoei Party

Dinner Cruise / Shoei Party will be held in the Cruiser "Ginga" at 19:30 - 22:00 on May 29 (Tue). Buses to the harbor will leave the gate of the International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH) at 18:45. Participants have to be at the 1F entrance of ICCH at 18:30 with dinner ticket.
If you go to the harbor directly, you should be at the 1F lobby of the Hiroshima/Ujina port building (East Terminal) at 19:15.
Date&Time: 19:30 - 22:00 on May 29 (Tue), Buses leave at 18:45 from the gate of ICCH. 
Place: Cruise in Setonaikai sea for about 2 hours in Cruiser "Ginga".
The Dinner Cruise / Shoei Party is sponsored by Shoei Chemical Inc.
The president of Shoei Chemical, Mr. Shuichiro Asada, will welcome the guests.
Tickets for the dinner cruise are available for all IFAAP attendees though the number of ticket is extremely limited. Ticket fee is 10,000 yen per person. If you like to attend the dinner cruise, please purchase ticket(s) on the registration page.

Free Party of Young Mixer/Student Reception is held at the venue in the same time zone (click here).

The following people are invited to the Dinner Cruise / Shoei Party.

 1) Plenary speakers,
 2) Tutorial lecturers,
 3) Organizing committee members of IFAAP,
 4) IEEE-UFFC ADCOM members,
 5) IEEE-UFFC FerroCom members,
 6) FMA steering committee members,
 7) International Advisory Board of AMF,
 8) Asian Electroceramics Association board members,
 9) PFM Advisory Board Members,
 10) Committee Members of Electronics Division, the Ceramic Society of Japan,
 11) Sponsors and Exhibitors.

For those people, one free ticket is reserved with registration. Tickets of sponsors/exhibitors are reserved separately. Dinner Cruise Tickets will be handed-out at the registration desk.

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